Zena The Catalina

While other macaws were born into warm and happy homes, Zena was born in a cold fireplace. The people that were supposed to care for her brood had no experience, her mother attacked her leaving one foot with no toes, and malnutrition made her look like a newborn when she was actually older with only a mohawk of feathers on her head. These people took her to a bird shop where the owners rescued her and helped give her the attention and care she needed. Zena would be her name and she would not give up her fight for life so easily. It took time but she was able to conquer so much like learning to perch with no toes, growing her feathers, and recovering from the effects of malnoutrition. One day, a family that had come in almost every day and knew this warrior decided it was time to take her home. 

Zena is turning eleven this year, she has a whole flock of birds, a blue and gold boyfriend,  and a loving family that is giving her the life she deserves.  Don’t let her nubby foot deceive you either, she rules the perch and is not afraid to smack the other birds or people. Who knew that a bird with no toes on her foot could climb down her perch and walk so quickly?

I hope y’all enjoyed learning about Zena! Every week, I will share the story of one of the members of my animal family. My animals are everything to me and I can’t wait for y’all to get to know all of them ❤️

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