A Spontaneous Adventure~

Hello there!

Sorry I have not been so active this week! I was hit by a rather nasty bug but now I have fully recovered and have come to share my recent adventure with you all! Today, my friend and I went and visited an indie bookshop and an indie comic book shop in Dallas and it was a good way to relax and even get inspired. The arts district we went to was full of murals, local shops, and interesting food places so we spent about 3-4 hours walking around and exploring.

Pirate Update: I went and got a blank book to write all the pirate dream ideas in so I can figure out just how much I want to write it. The pirate idea was constantly on my mind while I was stuck in bed from the virus so I am now trying to create an interesting world for these dream characters.

Now I am off to write a helpful writing post!

I wish you luck on your literary journey!



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