My National Park Adventure~

Hello there!

It has been over a week since I last posted and that is because I spent a week at Big Bend National Park in South Texas! There is no internet and barely any cell phone service down there so it was a way that I could focus on nature, family, and my writing! Before the trip I felt like my life was a beautiful chaos, I was struggling with my word count and work load but being away from everything really helped me reset and really appreciate the beauty that lies in nature. Sometimes it is important to step away from everything and just appreciate life and take a moment to breathe. This trip was helpful in so many ways: I read several books, I worked on my novel, and I knitted a scarf without getting too frustrated (I always make the stitches too tight).  I recommend that everyone takes some time to step away from technology and embrace the calming serenity of life and use the time to reflect. I think I am going to take an hour every day and dedicate it to stepping away from technology and really relax and breathe.

Big Bend National Park is truly magnificent! We were camping in the Rio Grande Village which is in the desert region but you could drive fourty-five minutes and end up in the Chisos Mountains! It was like being in some fantasy world, the landscape was surreal and it really inspired me. Most of the photos I took will end up in my world bibles at some point!

I am also going to include some of my favorite pictures and moments that I captured from this grand adventure below!!!!


I ran and had my cousin take this photo of me staring at the beautiful sunset as we were hiking back down from an overlook!
A group shot of my family as we waited for the sun to set over the Rio Grande!
We hiked for twenty minutes to an overlook and watched as the sun set over the Rio Grande!
We found the springs! They are never empty but if they get low they can become a death trap for the wildlife because of their slick sides.
This canyon shows its age in all the layers!
As we got closer to the canyon we entered the canyon and it felt like we were on a movie set! It looked surreal!
Cool view of an ancient River Bed!
My cousin was leading us on an adventure to the Ernst Tinaja that is hidden off road and along an ancient river bed!
A view of the mountains from the desert!
A view of the window in the Chisos Mountains! It was so beautiful!
My cousin and his wife led us as we hiked into the Boquillas canyons!
A cool view from the Boquillas canyon trail as we hiked!
A view as we went along a canyon ridge.


I will post more now that I am back home!

I wish you luck on your writing adventure!



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