My Writing Tools

Hello There!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite writing tools that I have been using for plotting and planning my fantasy novel! These are some of my favorite things and it also fuels my obsession with buying pretty journals and notebooks.

The first of my tools is my World bible:


I am using this beautiful sketchbook that I found at a craft store. I like using the large sketchbook for creating my world bible because it gives me more room for maps, magic, weapon design, and my plotting. I can also use water colors and draw anything that I want to include in my novel at one point. This contains everything about my novel, it is essentially the novel’s beating heart and I do not write without it. I will write an individual post on the importance of the world bible.

The next tool I like to use is my writing bullet journal:


This is my first time trying out a writing bullet journal and so far I am enjoying it! I also got this little sketchbook at my local craft store. It is a good way to set goals and organize your writing in a small notebook. Things I have in mine are my NaNoWriMo goals, word count tracker, rewards timeline, and writing references that I can look at while working.

The third little tool I have is my Idea Acorn book:


I got this tiny notebook in my Owlcrate and I have been using it as my idea acorn journal. When I am taking a break or working and a cool idea hits me I pull this little journal out and write the idea in it so I don’t lose the idea. Once I am done with this novel I will then look back and see all the cools idea acorns I have saved in this little notebook.

My final tool I use and obsess over is my Sharpie pen:


I love using these pens! I color code information in my plotting, bullet journal, and world bible so these are extremely useful. I have the newer ones so they don’t bleed through the paper either. My only issue is my jack russell will come try to eat them and I have to keep them safe!


Well, these are all the tools that I am currently using while writing and I hope you find this list helpful! I will write a post on the world bible soon so you can learn the basics of creating one for yourself!

I wish you luck on your writing adventure,




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