Idea Acorns

Hello There!

This is the first post on my writing blog and I thought it would be fitting that it would be about ideas. Ideas are strange little things, they can come and go in an instant and have the potential to become fantastic novels. I actually have a tiny notebook that I write my ideas in so when I finish this novel I can see all the other cool ideas that hit me along the way. I like to compare ideas to acorns because if you can catch one you can keep it until you are ready to develop it into a potential book idea. One of the most important questions to ask yourself when you are brainstorming ideas and gathering your acorns is , what if?

What if people could only hear their soulmate’s thoughts?

What if magical creatures were real?

These are examples of what if questions that could be used as little idea acorns.

If you have several idea acorns but you can’t decide which one to expand on, develop each one just a smudge and see which one really draws you in and makes you want to work on it more.

I hope this idea post helps you along your writing journey!


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